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ATT to T-mobile + port over Google Voice

Finally I threw in the towel. Moving away from ATT to T-mobile for the whole family. Even my google voice number is being ported over. Can’t beat $100 for 4 lines. I’ll update once the porting is completed. So far T-mobile support has been super. It took a while, but …

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Zend Certification

Finally, I’ve stepped up and taken the Zend’s PHP 5.5 certification exam and got certified. 🙂 Zend Certified PHP Engineer

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I’ve been meaning to clean up my contact info forever. Finally did it. Disconnected all lines except one. Forwarded all emails to one email account. Life’s simple, if you organize it.

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Going back…

Call me old school, but I’ve been using iPhone since v1 days. I have tried using Android (Samsung Captivate) for 6 months, but I’m going back to iPhone. Something just doesn’t feel right and Android still has some ways to go to fine-tune the OS. I will miss it, but …

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Faster faster faster… More more more

We live in an age of the “demanding”. Everything is moving too fast and evolving at an unsustainable speed. And yet what do we get from all this? Better life experience?

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SSD or not?

I’ve been contemplating about getting a SSD (solid state drive) for my Macbook pro. Been reading many, many articles/blogs and the conclusion is… what am I willing to pay for the speed gain versus less storage space? So, then the next question is… Do I want to give up the …