PDF for Codeigniter

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  1. While working with a client that really wanted DOM to pdf conversion, I googled upon pdfcrowd. It’s built around webkit so the rendering is pretty much whatever you see in your browser (or you can use a print stylesheet and they will use that instead). Best part, it’s free if you just want to add a link to download a pdf version of the page: http://pdfcrowd.com/save-to-pdf/

    I’m not associated with pdfcrowd in any way. After hours of trying to get mpdf and dompdf to work with floats, I gave up and searched for a 3rd party that could do DOM to pdf. Pushing it off to a 3rd party, cost to client $80, cost savings to client so that you don’t have to build it, huge.

    Note: it puts their domain name as a watermark at the bottom. If that bothers you , you can purchase a site license for $80 bucks.

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